Woodstock Eh?

Setting the stage

Who would have thought that almost 50 years ago, in a farmer’s field in Bethel, NY a humble idea for a music festival would generate a worldwide phenomenon that would last generations?  Who would have believed a generally unscripted music festival featuring more than thirty acts, performing for an unanticipated 400,000 people, would spawn a generation of devotees, 99% of whom never attended, but wish they had?


Woodstock music festival took place August 15-18, 1969.  August 15, 2019 is its 50th anniversary.  The W50 Group will give Woodstock devotees an opportunity to re-live the Woodstock Experience.  It’s been 50 years in the making … we’re all about second chances!


But we do it differently here in Canada.  We’re going to hold it a week later to allow anyone who wants to attend a 50th anniversary of Woodstock to do so and then invite them north to see how Canada does it.  


What’s in a name

We looked at Woodstock50, Woodstock Live, Woodstock Tribute, Woodstock Love Woodstock Memories, Woodstock Revival.  We kept coming back to Woodstock North; it just represents what we’re all about.

And that’s the origination of the name of our festival: Woodstock North!  But there’s also a little quirkiness.  We’re known for the use of the idiom: “eh!”  Check out where WoodstockEh.ca takes you!


We like to think we’ve brought Woodstock north to join us in Canada for a weekend.  Just like in 1969, we’ve captured a movement, if not on a grand scale, at least in spirit!

Next came our logo.  The question we asked ourselves is: what are the symbols of Canadiana?  Well, to name a few – the Maple Leaf, the Canada Goose, the Mounted Police, an Inukshuk, but again we kept coming back to that most adorable, industrious and country building symbol of our national rodent – the beaver.

So, throughout our website, you’ll see the beaver rocker which symbolizes what this festival is all about.  It’s a 50-year anniversary of Woodstock, a rocker and an iconic symbol of our country all done in the Canadian way!


So, we got the name of the festival nailed down, we’ve got a rocker beaver, so now our attention turned to the venue.  Where to hold this festival?




The team wanted to replicate the Woodstock experience to the extent possible.  This meant we had to find a venue that was outdoors, in a field akin to the original Woodstock.  We’ve got that field.  Stay tuned for the news.



Who’s Who

W50 has gathered a great team for Woodstock North.  John Fenton is the founder and visionary.  He understands the rock scene intimately and the tribute bands on a first name basis.  Timothy Laflamme has substantial business experience and has organized music festivals.  Joy Matende will be the creative genius behind the web, social media, marketing, swag and anything else we can pile on!  Larry Johnson is the project lead ensuring that it all pulls together on a timely basis.


In addition to the core group, W50 has teamed up with web software developers, web designers and marketing and merchandising organizations to round out its ability to provide full service.




Succinctly put, Woodstock North is not just about the music; it will recreate the Woodstock experience - a four-day music festival and theme park!  Walk in and go back in time to Woodstock of 50 years ago with a distinctive retro look and feel.


Not only will Woodstock North have great music, but it will also have the look, feel, taste and smell of Woodstock – ambience, flowers, hippies, garb, food and music.  Some things have changed; cannabis will be legal and Smartphones will be in everyone’s hands.



The Acts

The musical acts will be primarily from Tribute bands that were at Woodstock, complemented by acts from those that should have been at Woodstock and a few acts from younger bands that currently play rock and roll with the “Woodstock” feel.



Just the beginning …