Travel to Ottawa

Canada's Woodstock Experience - a celebration of Woodstock 1969 ... for the 50-year Anniversary ... way more than music 

From Halifax to Vancouver, music fans are making plans for August 2019 travel to Ottawa. Who knew how many other things there are to see and do in Ottawa?

Got a minute for a short video?


National treasures - Museums and Art 

Rich experiences are here for your festival family and friends. Ottawa adventures await! ...As an example, the Museum of Nature:

 And, the Canadian Museum of History...

 And, the Canadian Science and Technology Museum...

And, the National Gallery of Canada...

      Trains, and Boats & Planes - They mean a trip to ... Ottawa! 

      Music can be a ticket to ride.... choose your conveyance, and we'll see you here.

      Sun, Sand and Good Vibrations 

      Beach Boys, Beach Girls, beach balls ... Ottawa's got Beaches too!


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