The Nordstock Music Festival Experience

Nordstock Eh! @ Lansdowne Park in Ottawa


Welcome to Nordstock—Canada’s fête of the 50th Anniversary of the original Woodstock Music Festival.

Our lineup features only original bands and the best tribute bands from Woodstock '69.  We're putting a Canadian stamp on the celebration at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa, Canada.

Nordstock is not just another music festival.  It’s more than music, it’s more than the artists; it celebrates and recreates the Woodstock experience – a three-day music EXPERIENCE!  Walk in and go back in time to Woodstock of 50 years ago with a retro look and feel.

Not only will Nordstock have great music, but it will also have the look, feel taste and sounds of the Woodstock era – ambiance, flowers, beads, face-painting, hippies, garb, food, and music. (just ignore the smartphones!)

Watch for Nordstock’s social media feeds to inspire and guide you on what to wear, how to act and how to talk like a hippie.

Enjoy the Nordstock Music Festival Experience but don't expect new music or spin-offs or modern rock.  Nordstock is pure and simple, the best original and tribute music of the 1969 Woodstock experience. Nordstock is staying true!

What’s with the Beaver Rocker?




Nordstock debated using various symbols of Canadiana including the Maple Leaf, Canada Goose, an Inukshuk or a loon among other iconic symbols of Canada.  We felt that the most adorable, industrious and country-building symbol of our national rodent best embodies the Nordstock spirit. 


Throughout our website and social media feeds, you’ll see the beaver rocker. It’s the 50-year anniversary of Woodstock, a rocker and an iconic symbol of our country all done in the Canadian way. Nordstock, eh?

Nordstock is fortunate to enlist the services of Ottawa’s best beaver rocker illustrator and designer - Marc Audet. Check out his other work here.