Janis Joplin tribute by The Janis Joplin Story!

Friday, August 9, 2019

It’s recording artist Judy Ann’s lead vocal, very often associated to the voice of dynamic Janis Joplin, transfering all that energy straight to the heart.

With her strong and raspy voice, or soft and velvety sound, t is artist is a ig energy performer’s always ready to share emotions with her fans. She has that soul which only true artists possess. Her voice will bring you to ecstasy!


Judy Ann surrounds herself with very high quality and renowned musicians. Starting with guitarist George Papafilis, who is also a very high-level performer who won the Lys Blues in the Musical Performance category, and also played with many very well known artists over the years, like the band Offenbach, one of the most famous rock band in Quebec. George is also working at writing original songs for future projects.


See Janis Joplin Story! ... live at Nordstock Music Festival.